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Koinonia Church

Российский Союз евангельских христиан-баптистов
Джим Винс
ул. Краснознаменская, д. 7 (подвальное помещение)
Эл. почта

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Расписание служений

  • воскресенье
    • Worship Service

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    • Bible Study

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    • Prayer Meeting


Описание церкви

English church services in Volgograd

This is our story. In 2005 Frank and Lora Hamer who have been serving the Lord in Volgograd Russia with Straight Ahead Ministries since 1994 became aware that young men and women from all over Africa and Asia come to Volgograd Russia for university educations in medicine and other professional disciplines.

They are from Vietnam Indonesia Malaysia China Bangladesh Ghana Kenya The Ivory Coast Jordan Iraq Syria Namibia Swaziland Tanzania Congo Uganda Nigeria Sri Lanka and others.

Several of these students along with Frank and Lora prayed about the possibility of starting an English speaking church to reach out to the other international students coming from these countries. Eventually in the spring of 2006, by God’s grace, the Koinonia fellowship held its first Sunday worship service.

Since then we have seen God wonderfully work in the lives of these young men and women as he has drawn them to himself. A common testimony is “I knew I was coming to Russia for my education but I never dreamed that I would come to know the one true God.”

Each year a fresh class of graduates leaves Russia to return to their homelands as godly professionals burning with the desire to share their blossoming faith with family, friends and community. Since Frank and Lora will be shortly moving on to other ministry, the Koinonia Fellowship has called a new pastor to serve with them.

Pastor David Elangovan of India who has had a burden for Russia for over 10 years has answered the call of the Koinonia Fellowship to shepherd them. With 25 years of experience in church planting and pastoral care Pastor David will bring a continuity and stability to the Koinonia church in this time of transition.

Unfortunately neither the church in India nor the Koinonia Church is able to fund the entire transportation and living expenses for Pastor David and his wife, Naomi while in Volgograd. Please consider joining in this effort by sending a gift and by sharing this need with others. The Koinonia Church has been, and with your help, will continue to be a fellowship of believers intent on growing in godliness for the glory of Christ and reaching the nations with the Gospel.

Listen to the words of Moses as he was about to depart from his pastoral role over the people of Israel from Numbers 27:15-17:

Moses said to the LORD, "May the LORD, the God of the spirits of all mankind, appoint a man over this community  to go out and come in before them, one who will lead them out and bring them in, so the LORD's people will not be like sheep without a shepherd".

God answered Moses by appointing Joshua as his replacement. It has been, and continues to be the design of God, the pattern of his care for his chosen, to provide them with shepherds. And so it is that this is our story within that design and our invitation to you to journey with us for a short season as this transition is made. Thank you so much.


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